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  • Monthly Archives: May 2008

    No Honor Among Thieves

    Defenders of earmarks often insist that it is their “constitutional duty” to steer as many federal dollars to their districts as possible (never mind that Congress waited 200 years before earmarking at the extremely high levels it does today). As more and more congressmen are directing more and more money … More

    This Week in Washington: The Costly Lieberman-Warner Bill

    Here’s a preview of what’s happening this week in Washington. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5soRqhJLnQ[/youtube] The Lieberman-Warner climate change bill may cost the sponsoring senator’s states dearly — Connecticut’s economy will lose $6.8 billion and Virginia’s economy will lose $12.2 billion in 2030. Presidential candidates’ home-state economies will also suffer — John McCain’s Arizona … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    Ethanol is due its share of the blame of the global food crisis, but protectionism abroad is also a major factor. Before Speaker Nancy Pelosi further destroys American credibility on trade she should consider what lack of free trade means to countries like Nigeria: The cause of the food crisis … More

    Amnesty for Illegals First, Training for Troops Last ... Happy Memorial Day!

    Odds are the President will veto the defense supplemental spending measure. Not only did Congress junk up the bill with lots of provisions that are not even remotely related to war costs, many of them are down right injurious to the American economy and security. Case in point is Senator … More

    October Surprise Preview

    Robert Mugabe’s government is still killing opposition leaders in Zimbabwe. South African shantytown residents are killing migrant workers. A terrorist organization still controls half of Lebanon a full six days after violence began. So how does the United Nations spend its resources? It sends a French-educated lawyer from Senegal, Doudou … More

    Can Hugo Chávez Mend His Ways?

    What is there in May air that brings out the combativeness in Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez? In less than two weeks, Venezuela’s strident, socialist leader has finished nationalizing his nation’s steel industry, given the green light for new purchases of Chinese and Russian-made arms, and denounced German Chancellor Angela Merkel as … More

    Morning Bell: Getting States Off the Dole

    What do the Bridge to Nowhere, the highway bill, the “subsidies for millionaires” farm bill and our crippling entitlement crisis have in common? They are all examples of the corrupt governance that is guaranteed to happen when the federal government takes over responsibilities best left to the states. In each … More

    The Polar Bears Are Coming

    The Sacramento Bee reports today that when it comes to environmental cases in cases in federal court, the Bush Administration appears to have the worst losing percentage of any administration over the past three decades. As NRO’s Jonathan Adler explains today, that percentage is not going to get any better … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    The protectionist promises from the remaining liberal presidential candidates continues to strain American leadership on free trade even before they take office. Today British foreign secretary David Miliband, who is in the US meeting with aides from both presidential campaigns this week, told the Financial Times: American internationalism has been … More

    The Real Threat to the Middle Class

    Trying to stoke fears that the middle class in America is dying, progressives recently have taken to distributing a chart showing household debt rising steadily over the past fifty years. The Atlantic’s Megan McArdle has been doing a fine job putting these worries in perspective. But a front page story … More