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  • Monthly Archives: May 2008

    A Bailout? A Fraud? or Both?

    Great editorial from the Wall Street Journal exposing the mendacity of liberals trying to pass a bill that will allow the federal government to buy student loans directly from privately lenders. The WSJ links to a letter from Rep. George Miller (D-CA) claiming his bill “will carry no cost for … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    Atlantic editor Robert Kaplan blogged on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement Friday: All the debate about Colombian free trade has obscured something important: Colombia is far safer now than it was five years ago. In fact, if Iraq were reclaiming terrorist-controlled areas as effectively as Colombia is, even the most … More

    Why Is Congress Risking Billions to Save Nothing?

    This week the House is set to pass legislation to help homeowners who spent too much on their homes avoid foreclosure. From the beginning, the bill’s architects have been ambivalent about how many people their plan would actually help. Over a month ago Rep. Barney Frank told The Hill it … More

    Morning Bell: The Great Global Warming Boondoggle Has Begun

    Sen. Barack Obama’s only legislative accomplishment in Washington so far is the passage of “the most sweeping ethics reform since Watergate,” which was designed to “to tell the corporate lobbyists that their days of setting the agenda in Washington are over.” Well the lobbyists didn’t get the message. Since liberals … More

    The Ethanol Mandate-Global Hunger Link

    Around the world people are starving due to higher food prices and Congress is just now beginning to realize the connection between their global warming policies and misery around the world. Heritage scholar Ben Lieberman explains the link: America’s first mandatory policy to reduce global warming emissions is its biofuels … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    In his New York Times column today David Brooks cites data showing that populist fears that free trade is destroying American manufacturing jobs are unfounded: The chief force reshaping manufacturing is technological change (hastened by competition with other companies in Canada, Germany or down the street). Thanks to innovation, manufacturing … More

    Opposition to ANWR Drilling Is No Laughing Matter

    Echoing the sentiments of conservatives, Jay Leno last night on “The Tonight Show” chided Democrats for their repeated opposition to oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Leno’s punchline: Democrats say drilling in ANWR wouldn’t produce any oil for 10 years — the same point they’ve been making for … More

    Health Care Insurance Myths

    Health care insurance companies are easy targets for so called health care experts and liberal politicians pushing socialized medicine. Problem is, most of their populist rhetoric is not based in fact. Mark Gimein exposes three of the most pernicious health care insurance company myths in Slate including: Myth No. 1: … More

    Morning Bell: Honesty Only Solution to Deficits

    Yesterday in Oakland, Calif., in celebration of May Day, public school children were taught that the war in Iraq was to blame for proposed education funding cuts. Never mind that not a single dime of California’s $20 billion budget deficit went to defense spending; teachers’ unions weren’t concerned with the … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    Colombia Tariff Ticker Your browser does not support iframes. Please visit Trade.gov to view the Colombia Tariff Ticker. The Commerce Department has launced the above “Colombia Tariff Ticker” to highlight just how much money American businesses are losing in tariffs paid to the Colombian government. Tariffs that would be reduced … More