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  • Monthly Archives: May 2008

    What Century Do Liberals Think It Is?

    In 1950 80% of Americans read a Newspaper every day. Today that number is below 50%. Since 2001 paid newspaper circulation has fallen 8.4% and paid advertising revenue has fallen 9.4%. Meanwhile, a whopping 48% of Americans say they rely on the internet as their primary news source with only … More

    National Charter Schools Week

    This week is “National Charter Schools Week,” and the Center for Education Reform has a number of ideas for how you can celebrate. The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools also released a new poll finding: “More than three out of four voters (77%) favor giving parents more options when … More

    The Liberal War on Science

    The Washington Monthly‘s Kevin Drum tries to take Michael Gerson to task for being “disingenuous” about “the liberal critique of the Republican war on science.” Drum cites a number of areas he believes conservatives have betrayed science and “global warming denialism” tops the list. Too bad Drum wasn’t listening to … More

    Morning Bell: Can Government Worsen the Mortgage Crisis ... 'Yes We Can!'

    A publicly traded corporation announces a $2.2 billion quarterly loss, a dividend cut and warns that steeper losses are sure to come. One might expect such a company’s stock to go down on such dire news. But not Fannie Mae! On the very day Fannie revealed nothing but bad performance … More

    Earmarks Still Dividing Republicans and Conservatives

    The House Appropriations Committee’s newest member, Rep. Jo Bonner (R-AL), visited The Heritage Foundation’s weekly blogger lunch today to pitch his new “Commitment to Reforming a Broken Process.” Bonner faced a hostile crowd of conservative bloggers who did not see why Bonner was willing to support a one-year moratorium on … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    With voters voting in Indiana today, the Wall Street Journal identifies some facts to counter protectionist Democrat rhetoric on the campaign trail from the U.S.-China Business Council’s study on U.S. exports to China. They write: The study tracks exports from each Congressional district to China. Between 2000 and 2007, 406 … More

    All Pain and No Gain

    The costs of Congress’ ethanol mandate have been well documented. It is diverting more and more corn away from food and into fuel (25% this year and 35% next year) causing the price of both go to up. Consumers here in the U.S. are paying for Congressional shortsightedness at the … More

    Common Sense Proving Not So Common in Georgia

    Last month we blogged on the remarkable progress Georgia had recently made in advancing equal opportunity in school choice. But now it appears that Gov. Sonny Perdue (R) is becoming a barrier to successful reform. Redstate‘s Erick Erickson reports: Georgia House Bill 881 is legislation in Georgia to help improve … More

    Morning Bell: Why Is Congress Doubling Down on Mortgage Mess?

    The United States likes to think of itself as a model of free markets. Unfortunately, in far too many sectors of the economy the reality is that the federal government already plays a huge role. Housing is a perfect example. The two Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) created to help the … More

    Celebrating Growth in Educational Choice

    This week is “National Charter Schools Week,” an opportunity to educate communities about the opportunities the charter school movement provides and celebrate the success of charter schools nation wide. Heritage scholar Dan Lips writes on charter schools in his paper School Choice: Policy Developments and National Participation Estimates in 2007–2008: … More