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  • Monthly Archives: May 2008

    Lieberman-Warner State of the Day: Montana

    Smaller states like Montana are often the hardest ones hit by the Lieberman-Warner global warming legislation. With a population under 1 million, and a work force hovering around 500,000, Montana is expected to lose almost 2,000 jobs in 2025 if Lieberman-Warner becomes law.

    Warning: Hurricane J.J. Closing In!

    The typical hurricane does $5.13 billion worth of damage in America and strikes less than twice a year. But Hurricane J.J. is no ordinary hurricane. If passed, the climate change bill proposed by Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and John Warner (R-Va.) would rip through the U.S. economy, leaving higher energy … More

    Killing Time on the Border

    TUCSON, ARIZ.—Here is what I found on visit to the border in Arizona—people die on the border because of lack of adequate security. It is easy to add up the real costs of border insecurity—they are pretty daunting. They include violence and crime that prey on communities on both sides … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    The Department of Agriculture announced today that fiscal 2008 will be a record year for agricultural exports. USDA reports: Trade agreements have a significant impact on our ability to sell America’s agricultural products in world markets. … Canada and Mexico, our two North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) partners, currently … More

    Lieberman-Warner Costs Only Rising

    This week the United Mine Workers of America wrote a letter to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee detailing why they opposed the Lieberman-Warner cap and trade bill. From their letter: We met with Committee staff during the development of S. 2191, expressing our deep concerns about the Bill’s … More

    Border Blogging

    TUCSON, AZ: Folks in Washington think that they not only have all the answers, they think they don’t have to leave town to get them. They’re wrong. “Washington does not have all the answers.” There is no issue that that truism is truer for than understanding the challenge of securing … More

    Laffering All the Way to the Treasury

    The New York Sun pokes fun at the Treasury Department, which this week released two reports assessing the impact of the 2003 tax cuts: We confess we stumbled a few times in making our way through the language, which seems at times to buy into left-wing assumptions. “Capital gains income, … More

    Morning Bell: Lieberman-Warner Is Lose-Lose

    Last week the Natural Resources Defense Council put out a report claiming “Doing Nothing on Global Warming Comes With Huge Price Tag.” Covering the report’s release, the Austin American-Statesman wrote: “If the United States doesn’t do something soon to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it could cost the country $3.8 … More

    Don't Buy Britain's Failed Policy Exports

    Opining in today’s Washington Post, former Prime Minister Tony Blair writes: Unless the United States radically reduces its greenhouse gas emissions, along with other major emitters, the damage to the climate will be irreversible. … Over the past few years, the debate on climate change has shifted profoundly. … Clearly, … More

    Lieberman-Warner State of the Day: Pennsylvania

    Continuing our blanket coverage of the Lieberman-Warner cap and trade debate set for the Senate next week, we will be posting some of the state-by-state results from Heritage’s Center for Data Analysis forecast on the economic impacts. First up: Pennsylvania, which is set to lose 22,021 jobs in 2025 even … More