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  • Killing Time on the Border

    TUCSON, ARIZ.—Here is what I found on visit to the border in Arizona—people die on the border because of lack of adequate security.

    It is easy to add up the real costs of border insecurity—they are pretty daunting. They include violence and crime that prey on communities on both sides of the border. Many of the victims include individuals trying to sneak into the United States. In some cases, the smuggling rings that move people collude with criminal gangs that rob and rape their clients. In others cases, gangs steal their human cargo from one another and then hold them for ransom—demanding additional fees to deliver them into the U.S. or not turning them over to American authorities.

    As the Border Patrol increasingly cracks down on illegal crossings, smugglers are leading people further and further into the high desert to allude law enforcement. It is not uncommon for groups trying to sneak into the U.S. to walk across 20 to 60 miles of rough terrain to reach towns or highways were they can be spirited away to destinations across the nation.

    It is also not hard to find evidence of their passage—dumps of plastic empty water bottles. Now, as well one can find empty cans of “Red Bull” and other energy drinks. Smugglers also hand out ephedrine and similar stimulants using caffeine and other chemicals to speed up the crossing. The problem is these cocktails speed dehydration increasing the risk of death in the desert.

    Stumping out illegal border crossings is as much a humanitarian mission as anything else. And that is not the only problem we don’t think much about. More to follow.

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    4 Responses to Killing Time on the Border

    1. rd, nc says:

      I live in NC and the illegal immigrant population here is humongous. I can't even imagine how bad it is in AZ. My brother lives in Kingman, AZ., and says it is worse here. Is it?

      Why can't we just stop them from coming over? Why don't we employ the same tacticts THEY use to keep illegals out? Are we so "politically correct" minded that we can't even protect our own country?

      This country is going to Hell in a handbasket and we are the only ones who care. Just look how many people are going to vote for a BIGOT for president of our nation! Osama Barakas (yes, that's what I call him, and for good reason) will bring our nation to ruin! We MUST STOP HIM!!!! Please vote for McCain! I don't like him much, either, but he's a lot better than the alternative.

    2. Stephen, Huntsville says:

      Bob Barr is by far the best alternative, Just as the Democratic party left Reagan in the early 60's so to is the Republican party

      leaving the conservatives now. I am giving serious consideration

      for casting a vote for the libertarian Barr. Come late October,

      if the polls show the possibility of a Barr win I will definitely

      vote for him.

    3. Mark , Texas says:

      Do you ever wonder why the mass killings of south americans on mexicos southern border is never reported.what about the mexican millitary forces crossing our borders to take pot shots at border patrol agents,hmmm.But yet when american citezens something about the illegal masses crossing their lands they get harrassed by our government, even jailed.sound like the american dream is being given away. do some research"rd,nc",find out for yourself how much money flows out of this country to mexico via illegal immigration .find out how many american hospitals have closed due to illegals not paying their bills . find out how much of the taxpayers money goes to programs in our schools designed to make spanish speaking students"comfortable"while students from say sri lanka,pakistan or russia are expected to learn english and "fit in" on their own dime.this isn't about racism,it's about survival of american values.

    4. dan,ohio says:

      rd im with you!! obama is nothing but a bigot and a white basher!!! he is well known with terrorists and once in if he gets it the whites in the usa better watch out!!!! look at all the things blacks have miss black america ,black taechers union,black tv stations and so on and now if elected will give the same to mexicans and all illegals to get reelected again!! the people of the usa better be thinking hard about this !!!!!

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