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  • Lieberman-Warner State of the Day: Pennsylvania

    Continuing our blanket coverage of the Lieberman-Warner cap and trade debate set for the Senate next week, we will be posting some of the state-by-state results from Heritage’s Center for Data Analysis forecast on the economic impacts. First up: Pennsylvania, which is set to lose 22,021 jobs in 2025 even under the most generous assumptions.

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    7 Responses to Lieberman-Warner State of the Day: Pennsylvania

    1. Sandra George, Georg says:

      Why haven't you guys been getting on the talk shows to warn the American people about this Warner-Lieberman legislation that, to me, is just as bad as that illegal immigration fiasco they tried to push down our throats last year? People need to learn about how this atrocious legislation will ruin our country. Can you please get someone on Laura, Sean and Rush at least to talk about this and start getting people to call their representatives to stop this? This scares the h… out of me.

    2. Florida says:

      I know im getting pretty tired of these socialist ways. i think they forgot or just dont care about who they realy work for.. We need someone with a backbone to stand up to these people and take America back, i believe our forefathers who made it possible for our freedome and independence would be outraged at the incompetency of our so called law makers.. all they want is more control and higher prices so they can collect more taxes, no matter what the people want they will just over rule us with the court's like California did. I think it is time to find real conservative's not pretenders and put them in control of cutting spending and the size of controling Government..

    3. Kyle, Texas says:


      Sandra and "Florida" are not alone. We can all make a difference if we each individually take the effort to educate those around us in an educated and non-confrontational manner. After all, we are correct, we know it, but we will not win converts through antagonism. That is the tactic of the socialists and we are far more civil as proven throughout history. Has America forgotten what the Cold War was all about? The Iron Curtain is not exactly the textbook definition of "civility".

      The "talk-shows" are great and enlighten us, but let's be honest, they are only preaching to the choir. Changing this downward spriral into socialist utopia starts at the individual level. The next step is to get involved collectively. There is strength in numbers. Above all, no matter the outcome, never compromise your core values or back down in the face tyranny.

      Fight the good fight!

    4. Mark , Texas says:

      Sandra , "Florida , Kyle .you all make some pretty good points on the issue but let's face facts. Our elected officials, our leaders with whom we have put our trust in have abandoned us. Gas prices have gone to an insane level , where are our leaders ? Our schools have been erroding for decades , and where are our leaders? the people of california have voted on an important issue and the courts took their vote and threw it out , and where are our leaders ? Problem after problen has plagued this great country and her people . Our government is literally selling us out . Well it's time to return the favor .Let's face it , talk is cheap . Over two hundred years ago the people of this country took it from the hands of tyrany . Maybe it's time to do it again ,if for anything , to let those"in charge" know who really pulls the strings . may god bless this country and her people , and may he damn to hell those who wish to destroy it .

    5. Louis, Ohio says:

      How disappointing our government has become, they can't seem to realize how important the issues of our day have become. We are in a critical time in our nations history and we appear to be totally impotent in dealing with our nations most pressing issues. Unfortunately its not only this Congress but every Congress since the Carter Administration that has failed to deal with the energy crisis we now face. Why is that? Why can't our leaders seem to get any thing meaningful done?How about a lack of urgency for starters, or elected leaders who cannot seem to define what the common good is, partisan politics and of course the special interests that seem to dictate what gets done and what doesn't get done. What is more disappointing is the fact that our leaders have become so much a part of the problem that removing them from office is virtually impossible; new comers have no chance to get onto the political stage. The system that we love so much has in essence let us down.

    6. Jeff, Texas says:

      Mark and all, How would you propose we take back our country and let those in charge know how we feel? I am all for that idea, but what is the best course of action? Local? State? Federal? All of the above? How do we effectively get the word out to the people we touch everyday? Thanks

    7. NJ says:

      The one weapon we have is to stop reelecting the same officials. We need to educate our friends and family. It’s similar to word of mouth marketing. I tell two people and each of them tell two people…

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