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  • Monthly Archives: April 2008

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    Remember back when some Democrats supported free trade? It was called the 90s. Of course, some Democrats still support free trade, but as Speaker Nancy Pelosi demonstrated yesterday, the protectionist wing of party is in full control today. The only Democrats that seem to support free trade today no longer … More

    Morning Bell: Let Hope Work Now

    With President Bush’s letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi Wednesday and John McCain’s speech in Brooklyn yesterday, now all three presidential candidates and the White House are supporting plans that would expose taxpayers to hundreds of billions of dollars in housing market risk. All three plans would set extremely bad precedents … More

    Who Are the Real Mortgage 'Victims' Here?

    The early narrative of the housing market collapse featured all the usual suspects: sleazy mortgage bankers, shadowy lenders and pushy Wall Street brokers – all of them preying on unsuspecting homebuyers. But now we’re starting to get, as radio legend Paul Harvey puts it, “the rest of the story.” Turns … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to rewrite House rules to gut the up or down vote requirement at the core of the U.S. fast track trade policy is a truly historic blow to free trade. For today’s Free Trade Fact of the Day we look at Reuters reporting on the unprecedented … More

    Who Are We Bailing Out Exactly?

    Polling shows that while 61% Americans oppose bail outs for Wall Street investment companies, 56% support “the federal government taking steps to help prevent people from losing their homes.” Apparently, who is asking for government help and why is crucial to public support for federal government intervention. That is one … More

    What Congress Can't Seem to Understand

    The White House isn’t buying the Senate housing bill. As Benton Ives reports in Congressional Quarterly, President Bush is not too thrilled with the bailout proposal. Why? “The bill will likely do more harm than good by bailing out lenders and speculators and passing on costs to other Americans who … More

    The Real Reason Jobs Leave the U.S.

    Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the World Bank Group released their 2008 “Paying Taxes” publication earlier this week. The study compares tax regimes from around the world using three indicators (number of tax payments, time spent paying taxes, and total tax rate). According to the Executive Summary “corporate income taxes only account … More

    The New York Times' Latest Swipe at the Justice Department

    Despite Eliot Spitzer’s recent fall and the partial exposure of his hypocrisy in strong-arming businesses and business leaders under investigation, one of Spitzer’s chief enablers – the New York Times – apparently still has never seen a corporate prosecution it hasn’t liked. On its front page today, the NYT takes … More

    Morning Bell: Killing Colombia Is Just the Beginning

    Any doubt that the Democratic Party is completely beholden to organized labor is now over. Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) unprecedented step to strip the up-or-down vote requirement from the Colombia Free Trade Agreement undermines the spirit of fast-track trade law and deals a death blow to any administration’s ability to … More

    Pelosi Plays Political Games by Blocking Colombia Trade Deal

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today announced she will ask Democrats to alter the rules that would have required Congress to vote on a proposed Free Trade Agreement with Colombia in 90 days. In doing so, she and her liberal colleagues will alter the rules of procedure to suit their partisan … More