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  • Monthly Archives: April 2008

    Sanity Returns to Housing Policy

    Building on news that the bipartisan consensus behind the Senate’s “Foreclosure Enhancement Act” is beginning “to crumble,” the White House sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) today outlining what they would accept in housing legislation. The letter includes many strong principles that ought to be congratulated, including: We … More

    Tax Credit Could Depress Housing Market Further

    Question: When is a $7,000 tax credit a problem? Answer: When it makes a bad situation even worse. And that’s just what might happen if Congress enacts a $7,000 tax credit for people who buy foreclosed homes. As Bloomberg News columnist John M. Berry notes, the misguided tax credit may … More

    Devil in Details for House Housing Principles

    Yesterday House Republican leaders issued a joint statement outlining “Principles for Bipartisan Housing Legislation.” Many of the principles are sound in theory, but could also easily open the door to invasive and costly actual legislation. The Heritage Foundation responds to each of the principles below: Support Homeownership. Homeownership is central … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    The Colombia Free Trade Agreement before Congress now is splitting the former first family in two. Former President Bill Clinton is for it, and wanna-be-President Hillary Clinton is against it. Organized labor is a lot less divided on the issue, despite the fact that their opposition to the deal will … More

    There Must Be a Democratic Primary Going On or Something

    The National Taxpayers Union released its 2007 “Taxpayer Score” yesterday. The annual NTU rating reflects a congressperson’s commitment to reducing federal spending, taxes, debt and regulation by analyzing every roll call vote affecting fiscal policy (including appropriations, authorization, and tax bills; budget target resolutions; amendments; and certain procedural votes that … More

    Why Environmentalists and Energy Producers Prefer Cap and Trade

    The Politico has a story today on the Warner/Lieberman cap-and-trade bill expected to win floor consideration later this spring. The article focuses on whether or not the bill should include a cap on the price of carbon credits, and whether or not credits should be given away, or auctioned off … More

    Morning Bell: Liberal Lies Connect Economy and War

    Reporting on yesterday’s events on Capitol Hill, the New York Times notes: “It is not easy to draw a straight line from the slumping economy to the war in Iraq and a trade deal with Colombia, but Democrats are trying to connect those dots.” For liberals, the connection between Iraq … More

    Trade, Democrats, and Lying to the American People

    One might expect the National Review and Wall Street Journal to point out that the top two Democratic presidential candidates are lying to the American people about their real position on trade. But would the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times be as daring? Judge for yourself. From the Washington … More

    Five Good Reasons to Win in Iraq

    Today Gen. David Petraeus told the Senate today that the recent flare-up of violence across Iraq demonstrates that recent security improvements are “fragile and reversible.” Last week Heritage senior research fellow named five reasons why we must stay win in Iraq: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EUP-tK_tNY[/youtube] 1. Strengthen Iraq’s Army 2. Contain Iran 3. … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice laid out a strong case for free trade with Colombia on U.S. security grounds. She also noted the following facts on how this deal will benefit U.S. workers: This agreement is also a far better deal for U.S. workers … More