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  • Monthly Archives: March 2008

    "To Be Controlled In Our Economic Pursuits...

    …means to be controlled in everything,” Friedrich Hayek wrote in 1944. And every year The Wall Street Journal’s and Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom produces data to backup Hayek’s claims. This year 7 of the 10 countries identified as “the most systematic human rights violators”(North Korea, Burma, Iran, Syria, … More

    Tibet Can Not Be Ignored

    As anti-government riots spread beyond Tibet and into other provinces, the Chinese government already admits at least 325 people have been injured and 16 people have died. Tibetan exile groups put the death toll at closer to 80 even as they mobilize more troops and paramilitary units into the region. … More

    A Nordic Nuclear Lesson

    Finland, like the United States, is facing both rapidly growing energy demands and a need to reduce their country’s carbon emissions. Unlike the U.S., Finland is being honest about the cost and benefits of currently available solutions and is about to finish their first nuclear power plant since 1980. Heritage … More

    Morning Bell: Why Earmarks Matter

    Despite “the most sweeping ethics reform since Watergate” and promises from the new House leadership to cut the number of earmarks in half, it appears the House is on its way again to absurd levels of pork-barrel spending. Roll Call reports that member earmark requests to the House Appropriations Committee … More

    Why Is Congress Intent on Helping Unions Bankrupt Our Country?

    Stephen Moore has a must read article in the Weekly Standard this week detailing not only how public sector unions have bankrupted the city of Vallejo, California, but also demonstrating that local governments nation wide are also at risk. noting that 80% of Vallejo’s budget is eaten up by labor … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    The protectionist promises of the two remaining liberal presidential candidates continue to upset our ally to the north. The Toronto Star‘s David Olive reports that Jim Flaherty, the Canadian finance minister, has come close to “recommending a tutorial for the Democratic presidential aspirants.” Olive continues: By Ottawa’s reckoning, NAFTA accounts … More

    Two New Crimes a Day

    In the 1,528 days that Parliament was in session while Tony Blair was Prime Minister 3,203 new offenses were added to British law … roughly two new crimes every day. In a Heritage Foundation lecture late last year Snaresbrook Crown Court Judge Inigo Bing listed just some of the effects … More

    Morning Bell: It Was Worth It

    Many of the headlines marking the fifth anniversary of the start of the campaign to remove Saddam Hussein from power focus on the cost of the war. Joseph Stiglitz’s new book claiming the Iraq war will cost $3 trillion is often cited, but these reports fail to mention that Stiglitz … More

    Days Appear Numbered for D.C. Gun Ban

    If today’s oral arguments in the D.C. gun ban case are any indication, the nation’s most restrictive gun-control law could soon be ruled unconstitutional. Today’s hearing before the Supreme Court revealed that Justice Anthony Kennedy is far more inclined to support an individual right to keep and bear arms than … More

    Earmarks Lose Their Luster as More Members Take Pass on Pork

    The list of members of Congress who have given up earmarks seems to grow by the day. According to the Club for Growth’s tally, it now totals 33 House members and seven senators. And despite the setback last week in the Senate, that hasn’t dissuaded members from coming out for … More