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  • Monthly Archives: March 2008

    A Nuclear Renaissance via the Air?

    According to a recent article in Energy and Environment News, the Air Force is planning to build a 100-225 megawatt nuclear power reactor. It will not only provide affordable, reliable electricity to an Air Force base, which has yet to be chosen, but will also be used as a power … More

    Tax Cut Facts

    Since the economy is set to be a key issue in the general election, tax policy will be a major point of departure for the two eventual nominees. Both leading Democrats have pledged to end the Bush tax cuts arguing that they only benefited upper income tax payers and that … More

    NAFTA Myth of the Day

    With the leading presidential candidates doubling down on their anti-trade promises, it is important that the facts about the benefits of trade are repeated as often as possible to counter their deceitful populist rhetoric. Today’s ‘NAFTA Myth of the Day’ comes courtesy of Cato Institute’s Center for Trade Policy Studies … More

    The Manchurian Tank Engine

    Seeking to capitalize on consumer fears stemming from a recall of Thomas the Tank Engine toys due to trace levels of lead paint, Congress is seeking to both expand federal government power and render the uniform application of its laws useless. On Monday night the Senate voted to take up … More

    Morning Bell: California Dreamin'

    When California passed its Global Warming Solutions Act in August 2006 environmentalists hailed it as “a breakthrough piece of legislation” they hoped would lead to “a domino effect prompting other states, other countries, and — who knows? — maybe even the United States government to jump on board.” Of course, … More

    Progressives Hopeless on Trade

    As we have amply demonstrated before, our trade partners are not happy with the latest promises from liberal presidential candidates to unilaterally pull out of NAFTA unless Canada and Mexico agree to “renegotiate on terms that are favorable to all of America.” Liberal MP Mark Holland told Canadian TV he … More

    The Real Two Americas

    The Wall Street Journal has a great editorial today comparing the economic policies and fortunes of Ohio and Texas. Ohio currently ranks 47th out of 50 in economic competitiveness according to the American Legislative Exchange Council. It is a “closed shop” state, which means workers can be forced to join … More

    When Temperatures Fall, Media Remain Silent

    As opposed to 2007, this year the planet is off to a colder than average start. Empirical evidence suggests that the planet was cooler over the past 12 months. While far from definitive evidence that global warming has been reversed – as a few hyperbolic bloggers have claimed – it … More

    NAFTA Myths

    The first victim of the highly competitive Democratic primary has been our country’s bipartisan consensus on free trade. During the last debate in Ohio Hillary Clinton promised to unilaterally pull out of NAFTA unless Canada and Mexico agreed to “renegotiate on terms that are favorable to all of America.” In … More

    Climate Changes Continue

    From New York, The Heritage Foundation’s Mark Kelly checks in from The International Conference on Climate Change: Thus far has demonstrated that the only consensus on global climate change is that climate does indeed change. Early in the 20th century, the climate warmed. Then, it cooled again. Late in the … More