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  • Monthly Archives: March 2008

    Low Skilled Immigration Does Not Raise Wages

    Great catch by Mark Krikorian today exposing some number fudging by the open borders crowd. Krikorian links to a post by Harvard Kennedy School George Borjas explaining his new paper examining claims by pro-amnesty advocates that immigration actually raises the wages of many native-born workers. Borjas summarizes his paper’s findings: … More

    How Organized Labor Bankrupted an Entire City

    If something does not change fast the city of Vallejo, California will soon declare bankruptcy. The San Francisco Chronicle tags the departure of Mare Island Naval Shipyard on April 1, 1996, as the “key moment” in Vallejo’s woes, but a closer read of the article shows that the true culprit … More

    Kickoff Set for 2 p.m. on Net Neutrality Regulation

    The House Judiciary committee’s Antitrust Task Force will be holding a hearing this afternoon on net neutrality regulation of the Internet, focusing on recent actions by Comcast to delay uploads of data by so-called “peer-to-peer” networks to avoid traffic congestion. Such networks are used by about 5 percent of Internet … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    Today’s Free Trade Fact of the Day comes from Ohio native and U.S. Chamber of Commerce VP for international affairs Daniel Christman who writes in the Cincinnati Enquirer: Facts are stubborn things, and so it is with trade in general and the North American Free Trade Agreement in particular. Contrary … More

    House Still Playing Games with National Security

    The House of Representatives is set to introduce new Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) legislation today designed to further delay the implementation of a bipartisan Senate deal that brings FISA into the 20th century. The House’s new “path on wiretaps” attempts to avoid the issue of legal protections for phone … More

    Morning Bell: Truth and Consequences in Iraq

    In coordination with MoveOn.org and other anti-war activists who are mounting a $20 million ad campaign to tie the war in Iraq to the slowing U.S. economy, Columbia University professor Joseph Stiglitz has authored a book pegging the cost of the Iraq war at $3 trillion. This is up from … More

    The Fantasy Based Community and Global Warming

    Anyone who dares to suggest there is any unsettled science related to global warming is quickly ridiculed by the establishment media, but as Debra Saunders documented yesterday environmentalists are far worse when it comes to ignoring science when making public policy decisions. Saunders notes that last week the San Francisco … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    Today’s Free Trade Fact of the Day comes from Hudson Institute fellow Rod Hunter who wrote last week in the Wall Street Journal: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both claim to be ready to be president on “day one.” But on the campaign trail, both are pandering to organized labor … More

    And The Poor Get Richer

    In the Wall Street Journal today American University and the University of Nevada at Reno economics professor Brad Schiller offers a great corrective to those who claim inequality is growing in the United States. First Schiller notes that while the share of the pie the bottom 20% of the population … More

    Heritage Panel on Yucca Concludes That Yucca Remains Top Priority

    Nuclear power is emerging as a solution to not only global energy demand but also America’s energy concerns for clean, safe affordable energy. The 104 reactors in the United States alone supply the country with 20% of its electricity. The same reactors also generated nearly 56,000 tons of spent nuclear … More