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  • Monthly Archives: March 2008

    Wild Eyed Scenarios on Meet the Press

    When it comes to covering the debate over modernization of the 1978 Foreign Surveillance Act, usually professional members of the media often expose their deep ignorance on the issue. This Sunday on Meet the Press, Tim Russert asked CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden MR. RUSSERT: After September 11th, the NSA … More

    The Evasions Must End

    Today, an authoritative and diverse group of scholars warned the American people: “If present trends continue, the nation’s deficit will reach unmanageable proportions, other vital public needs will be further squeezed, and/or taxes will have to rise continuously to levels that could restrict economic growth.” No, these scholars were not … More

    Why Are Gas Prices So High?

    With gas prices reaching an all-time high and oil companies banking record profits, it’s easy for the public to blame oil executives for draining their wallets at the pump. Ask an economist, however, and he will give you a different answer: supply and demand. Of course, it’s more complicated that. … More

    Bringing Equal Opportunity to Education

    This Sunday the Washington Post profiled some local families who have elected to participate in Maryland’s open enrollment policy that requires “educators to allow families at low-performing schools to transfer not only within but outside their school system.” The Post reports: Among D.C. families of certain means, the start of … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    Protectionism is not just on the rise among liberals in the United States. Leftist governments throughout the world are seeking to quash free trade in favor of redistributionist schemes. In Argentina President Christina Kirchner’s new export taxes have sparked violence throughout the country and the Wall Street Journal’s Mary Anastasia … More

    Morning Bell: Iraqi Stability Is in the U.S. Interest

    The latest reports out of Basra indicate that life appears to be returning to normal even as Iraq’s central government indicates that military operations around the city would continue. The Iraqi army now claims its troops are in control of much of Basra even as security forces are going house-to-house … More

    Defense Spending as Percentage of GDP Well Below Historical Average

    Lost in all the typical liberal hyperventilating over increased defense spending during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is just how low current defense spending compared to the last 45 years. The Heritage Foundation recently released its 2008 Federal Revenue and Spending Book of Charts and among the many gems … More

    Freeing Entrepreneurs From Health Care Burdens

    The most e-mailed story today at The New York Times looks at the trouble self-employed persons face finding health insurance. The article does not look at the myriad of federal and state laws that created this problem, but instead focuses on what options and private sector tools the self-employed can … More

    Not So Free Press

    In their Business section front page puff piece on Free Press policy director Ben Scott, the Washington Post does reports that FP’s “critics” often note that FP “is not as boot-strapped as it may appear, with donors such as billionaire George Soros and singer Barbra Streisand.” WaPo then goes on … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    Today’s Free Trade Fact of the Day comes from former Delaware Governor Pete du Pont who writes in the Wall Street Journal: Trade creates jobs. America’s exports of goods sold abroad–electrical machinery, chemicals, plastics, agricultural products, medical and scientific instrumentation, for example–support six million American jobs. Exports of services account … More