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  • Monthly Archives: February 2008

    So Are Biofuel Assets Subprime, or Not?

    Al Gore has warned a group of leading investment managers at a UN-sponsored conference to cleanse their portfolios of “subprime carbon assets.” In Gore’s mind, businesses that rely on carbon-intensive energy are bad investments — or should be, and Wall Street should see them as riskier than “clean energy” companies … More

    Not in My Town

    In Tuesday’s episode of “Boston Legal,” a judge ruled in favor of a citizen suing her town for attempting to build a nuclear power plant. The lawyer used the same anti-nuclear rhetoric that has been used for years, claiming that cancer was prevalent near Three Mile Island, that radiation caused … More

    How the Smart Growth Movement Is Creating a Nation of Serfs

    A new study by University of Washington economics professor Theo Eicher finds middle-class families are being priced out of the Seattle real estate market due to land-use regulations that drive up home prices by more than $200,000 per home. Eicher identifies Washington’s smart-growth-movement-inspired Growth Management Act as one of the … More

    One More Promise to Make

    Many conservatives have already voiced their displeasure with the House Republican leadership’s decision to appoint Rep. Jo Bonner (R-Ala.) to the Appropriations Committee instead of Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). As righteous as conservative anger is over the decision, it might be more useful to look forward. After Bonner’s appointment was … More

    It's Worse Than We Thought

    This morning we admonished the House for using its time to pass meaningless contempt citations instead of debating essential FISA revisions that are set to expire at midnight Saturday. Now it turns out that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi adjourned Congress early to rush home for her daughter’s wedding. The Heritage … More

    Morning Bell: It's All About Priorities

    Writing to President Bush regarding vital reforms to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), House Intelligence Committee Chair Silvestre Reyes (D-Tex.) noted that the Preamble to our Constitution states that one of the highest duties of public officials is to “provide for the common defense.” Reyes goes on to claim … More

    A Health Care Crisis and an Entitlement Crisis

    USA Today’s Dennis Cauchon wrote an insightful front-page story today showing that the cost of government benefits for seniors reached $27,289 per senior in 2007. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits continue to grow much faster than inflation, and as 77 million baby boomers reach retirement in the coming decades, … More

    A Conservative Agenda for the Senate

    Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) has crafted a conservative agenda for the 2008 session consisting of 10 legislative ideas that he and his conservative allies in the Senate will force debate on this year. As chairman of the Senate Steering Committee, DeMint holds a unique role among Republicans. He will outline … More

    Lasting Love: Top 10 Ways to Have a Strong Marriage

    Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to explore what influences the quality and stability of marriage. The Heritage Foundation’s familyfacts.org catalogs social science findings on the family, society and religion. This month’s featured finding outlines the top 10 reasons that marriages remain strong. Heritage’s Christine Kim explains. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EVMNi6YByc[/youtube]

    The Front Lines in the Fight for Conservatism

    The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and New York Times all had major stories on congressional earmark spending today. But while the media are beginning to pay attention to the corruption of pork-barrel spending, the House leadership is still using earmarks as a political tool to reward loyal freshman members. … More