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  • Monthly Archives: February 2008

    A Golden Opportunity on Health Care

    Last night the American people listened to a lengthy list of promises on how to expand the government’s role in health care. No time was devoted to explaining how our country could possibly pay for it. This is especially troubling considering our current obligations to pay for the health care … More

    Let Congress Lead on Carbon

    Contrary to popular belief, the Supreme Court’s 5 to 4 decision in Massachusetts v. EPA did not require the EPA to issue rules regulating the emission of carbon dioxide. Instead it instructed the agency to ground its reason for action or inaction within the statutory requirements of the Clean Air … More

    Morning Bell: Time Travel and the Anti-War Movement

    Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama opposed the surge in Iraq from the beginning. CNN’s John King asked a fabulous question late in last night’s debate. From the transcript: I want you to look at Iraq now and listen to those who say the security situation is better. Ideal? No, … More

    Assessing the Terrorist Threat in London

    The Heritage Foundation’s James Jay Carafano returned from London today after spending much of the week assessing the city’s counterterrorism efforts. Carafano blogged about his trip on RedState. His dispatches are below. The Terrorist Threat in London London’s Lessons in Counterterrorism The Visa Wave The Wrath of Khan Container Security … More

    Government's Union Watchdog Notches 5,000th Indictment

    The Department of Labor’s union enforcement office marked the 5,000th indictment in its history last month, dating back to 1964 when recordkeeping began. The Office of Labor-Management Standards has recouped more than $103 million for taxpayers since the beginning of the Bush administration, but last year became a target of … More

    Congressional Earmark Reform Website Comes Under Fire

    A congressionally approved website devoted to earmark reform is on the verge of falling victim to a petty political fight on Capitol Hill. The House’s chief administrative officer, Dan Beard, today told Minority Leader John Boehner that the site, earmarkreform.house.gov, would have to come down because it doesn’t comply with … More

    Arizona Lawmakers Push for State Control in Education

    Yesterday, the Arizona House Education Committee voted unanimously to support a resolution calling on Congress to pass the federal A-PLUS Act, which would allow states to opt-out of No Child Left Behind. The unanimous vote was bipartisan—with five Democrats and five Republicans voting in favor. The resolution now moves to … More

    Mobility and Values

    Yesterday under the headline “Higher Education Gap May Slow Economic Mobility“The New York Times covered a new Brookings Institution study warning that “widening gaps in higher education between rich and poor, whites and minorities, could soon lead to a downturn in opportunities for the poorest families.” A better headline would … More

    Support For Surge Surging

    Gallup released a poll February 18th that shows recent military and political progress in the country is bolstering American resolve to attain peace in Iraq. From Gallup’s news release: Roughly one year after the United States began increasing the number of troops it has in Iraq, Americans give the “surge” … More

    Morning Bell: Let This Smear Be A Lesson

    Today’s front page New York Times hack job on John McCain is just the most recent flagrant example of how hopelessly biased the mainstream is in favor of liberals and their causes. As the Associated Press points out neither the NYT story, nor the companion Washington Post pile on, even … More