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  • Monthly Archives: February 2008

    Congress Slowly Getting Message on Entitlement Reform

    Responding to a question on the possibility Congress will tackle entitlements this year OMB Director Jim Nussle highlighted the work if former Comptroller General of the United States David Walker’s “Fiscal Wake Up Tour” including: This “fiscal wake-up tour” I think has been one that has been waking up members … More

    Less Is More for Energy In Bush's Budget

    Energy and environmental issues do not get much attention at budget time. Compared to the massive outlays for other programs and the overall 3.1 trillion dollar budget, the Department of Energy’s proposed 25 billion dollars, the Department of the Interior’s 11 billion, and the Environmental Protection Agency’s 8 billion are … More

    Washington Post Editorial Favorable on School Choice

    The Bush administration’s new budget request includes a $32 million increase for D.C. schools. The boost is proposed to support Mayor Fenty and Chancellor Michelle Rhee’s efforts to bring long-overdue reforms to the city’s struggling public schools. The budget also proposes increasing federal funding for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program, … More

    Conservative Approaches to Health Care

    A little more than a week before California’s February 5, primary, state legislators voted down Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s $15 billion health care proposal. Since health care is the third most important issue for voters (behind economic growth and the war in Iraq) and failures like Schwarzenegger’s mean the health care … More

    President Bush: Hold Federal Education Spending Flat

    President Bush unveiled his budget proposal for the Department of Education today—pushing Congress to hold spending levels flat from last year. Cue the hyperbolic press releases from liberals about how the Bush administration is dramatically under-funding education. The idea that public education has been under-funded during the Bush presidency is … More

    Pelosi Ignores GOP's Request for Earmark Moratorium

    House Minority Leader John Boehner and his colleagues in the Republican leadership gave Speaker Nancy Pelosi a deadline of Feb. 1 to respond to their request for an immediate moratorium on earmarks. The date came and went without a word from Pelosi or her Democrat colleagues. But don’t expect to … More

    Keep Freedom Alive In South America With Free Trade

    Venezuela President Hugo Chavez continued his ongoing campaign to undermine the democratic government of Colombia by securing the release of three more hostages from the terrorist group FARC this weekend. Chavez had surprised leaders world wide last month when he proclaimed that Venezuela now recognizes FARC as a legitimate political … More

    Morning Bell: Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

    In their February 3, story reporting that the Interior Department may act as soon as this week to list the polar bear as an endangered species, The Los Angeles Times quotes Center for Biological Diversity lawyer Kassie Siegel, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. … More

    Taxpayers Would Lose Under Senate's Mortgage Plan

    Among the many provisions of the Senate Finance Committee’s stimulus package is a legislative proposal to allow states to issue as much as $10 billion in new “mortgage bonds” to raise money to refinance the mortgage loans of troubled borrowers. States are already permitted limited use of such tax exempt … More

    Keep Alternative Energy Provisions Out of Stimulus

    All eyes are on the Senate this week as politicians in both parties seek to wrap up work on an economic stimulus package. With a deal already reached between President Bush and House leaders, it’s up to the Senate to work through several additional provisions lawmakers would like added to … More