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  • Monthly Archives: February 2008

    House GOP to Force Vote on Earmark Moratorium

    House Republican leaders were serious when they promised to hold Democrats accountable for ignoring the request for an immediate earmark moratorium. The first test will come tomorrow when Minority Leader John Boehner and Whip Roy Blunt plan to force an earmark reform vote on the higher education authorization bill. The … More

    Killing Two 'Grilled Wolfe Ranch Quails' With One Stone

    How can Congress both fight wasteful pork barrel spending and support our troops all at the same time? By backing Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-SC) new bill the Semper Fi Act of 2008 which rescinds over $2 million in hidden earmarks for Berkeley, California in the 2008 Omnibus Appropriations bill, and … More

    Why Is Congress So Eager to Copy Failure?

    The Los Angeles Times reports today that “the climate may be right for a global warming bill” due to “big chunk of industry” just wanting to get something done. Unfortunately much of the legislation on Capitol Hill is modeled after the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme, and that effort has … More

    'Do. Or Do Not. There Is No Try'

    According to The Hill, while the Republican leadership has been talking a good game on reducing pet project spending, only leaders John Boehner (R-OH), Adam Putnam (R-FL) and Eric Cantor (R-VA) have voted for more than half of the anti-earmark amendments offered on the House floor since the 2006 election. … More

    'Americans are Americans'

    Anticipating the arrival of 3,200 Marines set to reinforce 2,500 Canadian troops already deployed in his southern province, Afghan official Ahmed Wali Karzai told the Los Angeles Times: “The Canadians are fine, but Americans are Americans — the mentality is different. The Americans are very professional. They go in; they … More

    Morning Bell: Stop the Tehran Two Step

    When the National Intelligence Estimate announced that, “We judge with high confidence that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons pro­gram,” it was the lead story in the nation’s biggest newspapers. But following congressional testimony from Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell that only the “least significant” parts of … More

    AFRICOM Head Quarters: TBD

    Due to a less than enthusiastic response from numerous African countries, the year-old United States military command for Africa (AFRICOM) has recently decided to forgo the attempt to base its headquarters on the African continent. Confusion and conspiracy rumors have developed in response to AFRICOM’s creation, including the idea that … More

    Bush's Flu Outbreak Plan Faces False Criticism

    According to the Washington Post, in an article featured “U.S. Flu Outbreak Plan Criticized” Health Officials say that the Administration’s plans for dealing with pandemic flu does not anticipate strain on hospitals, staff, and the public health systems. This is true. A serious outbreak would inundate medical centers, cause lengthy … More

    Morning Bell: The Two Budget Stories Everyone Is Missing

    Except for the Wall Street Journal and Sydney Morning Herald, none of the paper’s covering President Bush’s budget proposal want to mention the fact that $150 billion of the $400 billion projected deficit for 2008 is going to come from the economic stimulus package now being debated by Congress (and … More

    Super Tuesday Special: What Issues Are Important?

    Super Tuesday is on the horizon and Heritage’s Brian Darling takes a look at the big issues at stake as voters head to the polls in 24 states tomorrow. Citing a recent National Review Online piece by Mike Franc, Darling says conservatives should elevate a few issues above the others: … More