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  • Monthly Archives: January 2008

    Bush's Education Legacy

    In education, as in so many other areas, President Bush is looking to establish his legacy. On No Child Left Behind, no one will be surprised that the President once again called on Congress to reauthorize this landmark law. But the odds of that happening decrease by the day. For … More

    Health Care Affordability Through Real Competition

    President Bush has zeroed in on the key weakness of the American health care system: the inequitable and unfair federal tax treatment of health insurance. If Americans cannot get health coverage through the job, then they get no tax break at all on the purchase of their health insurance, forcing … More

    Positive Pork Reform, but Also a Missed Opportunity

    Taxpayers should welcome President Bush’s pledge in the State of the Union to veto spending bills that do not cut the number of earmarks in half. At the same time, Bush could have done so much more to address the surge in earmarks. Last year’s State of the Union message … More

    A Strong Economy Needs Low Tax Rates, Not Rebates

    President Bush is correct in saying “the long run, Americans can be confident about our economic growth.” Despite the current economic slowdown, productivity remains healthy and most economic fundamentals are strong. The U.S. economy will recover from this slowdown. However, tax rebates and more government spending will not accelerate any … More

    RSC Chairman Pushes Members on Earmark Pledge

    Rep. Jeb Hensarling, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, tonight called on the House Republican leadership team, appropriators and ranking committee members to give up earmarks as part of Minority Leader John Boehner’s pledge to impose an earmark moratorium. Support from Hensarling gives Boehner a much-needed boost in his bid … More

    Ending the Entitlement Tsunami

    Last year Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) and ranking Republican Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) proposed legislation to create a task force to study the long-term fiscal problem and propose solutions. Given that spending on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is set to double over the next 25 years, something must be done … More

    McCain Says Bush Redeemed Himself on Earmarks

    Sen. John McCain, a leading opponent of earmarking, today praised President Bush for his plan to issue an executive order cracking down on pork-barrel spending. During a conference call with bloggers, McCain said he was rejoicing at the thought of angry appropriators in Congress. “Thank God he’s doing it,” McCain … More

    What to Expect in the State of the Union

    Brian Darling previews President Bush’s final State of the Union address, noting that Iraq, free trade and taxes will be major themes of the speech. Darling also appeared on the National Association of Manufacturers’ “American Business With Mike Hambrick” to share his thoughts about the speech. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIwPLTGppis[/youtube] The White House, … More

    The Substance-Free Progressive Position on FISA

    Progressives are in near hysterics over the possibility that the temporary changes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act made in August 2007 will be made permanent before they expire and that US companies that assisted US intelligence efforts before the temporary changes were made will receive protection from frivolous lawsuits. … More

    Anti-Earmark Actions Put the Spotlight on Pelosi

    President Bush’s decision to challenge lawmakers on earmarks comes only days after House Republicans made their own pledge to give up pork projects. At their retreat last Friday in West Virginia, House GOP leaders released a letter calling on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to issue an immediate moratorium on earmarks and … More