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  • Monthly Archives: January 2008

    Congressional Hypocrisy on School Choice

    Foundry readers should check out the Wall Street Journal‘s editorial on President Bush’s proposal for a national Pell Grants for Kids school voucher program. The Journal asks a question that Heritage posted last year: “If unrestricted federal education grants are kosher for college students, why not for grades K-12 too?” … More

    Why Immunity Is Necessary for FISA Reform

    Congress has had 178 days since the Protect America Act was signed on August 5, to come to an agreement on how to modernize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Now it appears they will have another 15. Everybody agrees the 1978 act is hopelessly out of debate, but those on … More

    Morning Bell: Back the Baucus Benefits Out of Stimulus

    As bad as portions of current stimulus package are, it is looking like the Senate, led by Sens. Max Baucus (D-MT), Olympia Snowe (R-ME), and John Sununu (R-NH), is determined to make it worse by tacking on an extension of unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. There are at least three reasons … More

    House Members Take the Anti-Earmark Pledge

    The Club for Growth has decided to keep a running list of lawmakers who have sworn off earmarks. Just yesterday Rep. Jeb Hensarling, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, called on the House Republican leadership team, appropriators and ranking committee members to give up earmarks as part of Minority Leader … More

    'There Is No There There' for Progressive Position on FISA

    We encourage you to read progressive bloggers on FISA. No really, go here, here, and here. Got all that. Now after reading those posts, what is the FISA debate in the Senate about? Why does FISA need a technical change and why do companies want protection from lawsuits for cooperating … More

    Transparency for Today and Tomorrow

    Tomorrow the Senate Finance Committee is considering a step toward openness and transparency for committee meetings but there are still some big loopholes in the draft rules. Namely, the proposed rule would establish a 21 business day deadline for posting meeting records, which translates into more than a calendar month. … More

    Hope, Not Intervention, on Housing

    President Bush got the government’s response to the housing crisis half right. The administration’s voluntary HOPE NOW program is the way to go, while his calls for more government intervention in the housing market will only distort an already troubled market. It is essential that the federal response not reward … More

    The Conservative Response to the State of the Union

    Since 1966 the major networks follow the their television production of the President’s State of the Union Address by giving a representative of the opposition party an opportunity to respond. Building of this tradition, Senate Conservative Steering Committee Chair Jim DeMint (R-SC) taped a response to the President’s address to … More

    Morning Bell: White House Fecklessness on Spending Exposed

    President Bush may have promised to veto any spending bill that does not cut the number and cost of earmarks in half, but as commentators were quick to point out, since Democrats are planning on holding back spending bills till the next President takes office, the threat is virtually worthless. … More

    Free Trade Essential for Economic Growth

    In his final State of the Union address, the President not only raised the politically contentious issue of making tangible progress on advancing pending free trade initiatives, but also highlighted the importance of freer trade in helping America weather today’s economic turbulence and in promoting American competitiveness in the future. … More